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Wood Burning and Gas Inserts

Barnhill Chimney is proud to carry the following brands of wood burning, gas, and pellet stoves and inserts:

Wood burning insert installationPacific Energy Summit InsertAn issue with the use of a fireplace for household heat is that, by design, a lot of the warm air goes up the chimney along with the exhaust gases.  An insert (either wood burning or gas) can help to solve this problem.  An insert is basically a wood stove modified to fit inside your fireplace.  Because it is a much more closed system than a fireplace, it significantly reduces the amount of warm room air being sent up the chimney.  An insert can keep your home warmer while using fuel more efficiently than an ordinary “open” fireplace.

A properly installed insert will be connected to a stainless steel chimney liner which goes from the top of the insert to the top of the chimney.  This setup is demonstrated in the image at right.  A flexible steel chimney liner prevents soot and other debris from falling down behind the insert and helps reduce turbulence (and improve draw) by providing a smooth, clean path for exhaust.  Barnhill Chimney uses heavywall flexible liners for their insert installations.

Older inserts may not have this liner.  This makes them difficult to sweep, as they must be pulled, or removed from the firebox, each time in order to properly sweep behind them.  Click here to see more about this process.

If you have a masonry chimney with major mortar deterioration, a missing liner, or cracked or damaged flue tiles, which might be otherwise unusable, an insert and steel liner can “bypass” the damaged areas, allowing you continued use of your chimney without having to perform direct repair to the masonry, which might be more expensive.